History of Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park

How it All Began
In 2002, a couple of enthusiastic riders approached the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to ask for approval to clean up some old access trails to use for mountain bike riding, the first mile of trail was completed. The first Learn to Mountain Bike class held in 2005, was sponsored by Warsaw Parks and Recreation. The eight week class brought together five riders from age 10 to 62 years old.

The excitement generated from the Learn to Mountain Bike class led to the formation of the Truman Lake Bike Club. The club immediately acquired approval to construct more trails and an additional 1.5 mile single track trail was completed. Bringing the total mileage to 2.5 miles.

Thanks to the help of Benton County Judge, Larry Burditt, approval was given to allow credit for community service hours spent working on mountain bike trails. This helped to install another two miles of trail in a three month period.

In 2008, the Truman Lake Bike Club formalized the volunteer user group permit with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Warsaw Parks and Recreation joined the effort to complete over 6.5 miles of trail; officially creating the Truman Lake Mountain Bike Park.

The City of Warsaw leased the land from the Corps of Engineers in 2009, creating a new addition to the city parks and trails system. Parks and recreation began working with the Benton County Drug Court, Municipal Court, and Benton County Circuit Court, using community service workers to continue efforts to install and maintain trails. No grant money has been used on this project....just hard work!

Special events held on the trails in 2010 kept the interest alive, and the park grew to 14 miles of trail bringing riders and hikers from all over the country to the Warsaw area.

Trails now total approximately 20 miles, and feature a 16 mile looping trail named "Come & Get Some" (the yellow trail). The park was completed by the end of April 2011, with several colored loops for all users.