Mountain Bike Park & Hiking Trail Descriptions

Benton House Avenue - Trail Head Location
Benton House Avenue Trail Head is used as the primary location for most trail events. From 65 Highway and Dam Access Road (Wal-Mart exit) head west toward Harry S. Truman Dam. Turn right on Benton House Avenue Road and follow pavement to trail head.

Come and Get Some (Yellow Loop - 16 miles)

This loop has it all, challenging climbs, great down hills, fun single track. The Yellow Loop covers from the Benton House Avenue trail head to the Sterrett Creek trail head.

Kaysinger Loop (Blue Loop - 3.5 miles)
A little more challenging loop, the Blue loop covers the Kaysinger Bluff area and gives riders several spectacular views of Truman Lake. The ride offers more winding single track, great climbs, and fun downhills.

Larry's Groove Train (Green Loop - 1.5 miles)
This is a beginner loop that starts off with a fun downhill and works its way around mostly single track, with a couple of small climbs spread out through the ride.

Sterrett Creek - Trail Head Location
Sterrett Creek Trail Head is located on the west side of 65 Highway approximately two miles north of Highway 7 and 65 Junction in Warsaw. This trail head gives riders the opportunity to start their journey across the Truman Lake dike.

Sterrett Creek Loop (Red Loop - 5-6 miles)
The Red Loop is another great beginner loop. Start off riding the scenic Truman Lake dike with wide open views of the reservoir. Then head into the trees with a loop that will bring you back to the dike. You can also access the Yellow Loop from this trail.

The trails listed above are suggestions. Download and print our brochure so you can use the map and be creative in planning your own special loops!

Hard Work (Orange Trail 6-7 miles)