The Administration Department handles all administrative tasks for the City of Warsaw.

Offices Include

  • City Administrator/Planner, Public Works Director/Code Enforcement. These positions are responsible for overseeing all day-to-day activities, as well as pursuing avenues for the growth of the City.
  • The Accounts Clerk/ to Accounts Receivable matters and assisting the City Administrator and Clerk. 
  • The Accounts Payable/Receptionist is responsible for processing invoices for payment, answering phones, and assisting the City Administrator and Clerk.
  • The City Clerk is the secretary to the Board of Aldermen, finance, budget and personnel officer, custodian of City records, and works closely with the City Administrator on key projects and City operations. The City Clerk also prepares the agendas for the twice-monthly Board of Aldermen meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month. The City Clerk also helps with the City Website along with the websites Administrator
  • The Payroll/Municipal Clerk prepares the weekly payroll for all full and part-time city employees, as well as handles all administrative tasks in the legal department.
  • The Utility Clerk is responsible for all administrative tasks in the Utility Department.
  • Website Administrator is responsible for maintaining the City's website. Updating, adding and maintaining the Website's information is a key part for visitors and residents of Warsaw through the Welcome to Warsaw website.