Parks & Recreation                                                                        181 W. Harrison St. 

It is the mission of the Warsaw Parks & Recreation department along with the Park Board & staff members to promote healthy lifestyles and activities for the young and young at heart, in order to improve quality of life.

Warsaw Parks & Recreation Staff:
Susan Cooner Director of Parks & Recreation: 

Warsaw Parks & Recreation Board Members:
Barbara Zillner
Jean Intelman
Jimmy White
Joan Smith
John Miller
Cheree Freeman
Alderman Liason: Adam Howe, Dave Willliams & Brad Spencer

The Parks and Recreation Department is also in charge of maintenance of local parks.

Warsaw's extensive trail system for biking and hiking has been recently updated for your recreation enjoyment. You can view a map of the NEW Riverfront Trails here.

        Warsaw Parks & Recreation Schedule of events is published weekly                                                   in the Benton County Enterprise!                                    

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