Warsaw City Council Meetings


Start Time: 6:00 PM
Meeting Day: 1st & 3rd Monday of every month
If the meeting falls on a Holiday, the meeting will be conducted the following day (Tues).

City Council Chambers
                 181 W. Harrison St. 
Warsaw, Mo. 65355

Ph: 660-438-5522


In addition to regular meetings, the City can meet on as-needed basis as follows:
  • Special Meetings: Meetings outside the normal schedule
  • Study Session: Meetings with staff to discuss current issues. These meetings may be noticed as regular or special meetings. Their goals for Council to be briefed publicity upon current issues by staff, and to provide feedback. Generally, the Council does not take action on items discussed on the study session. These meetings are open to the public, which may provide public comment to the Council on the study topic.
  • Closed Session: Meetings to address personnel, real estate or litigation matters. For reasons of Confidentially, these session are closed to the general public; however, members of the public may speak on the closed session item(s) and any re portable action(s) that are reported after closed session.
The City of Warsaw post all regular and Special Meeting Agendas in accordance with the Brown Act. Notices are posted at the City Community Building and on the City's website.


Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

The agenda is used as an official working guide from which the Council conducts its meetings. The agenda, which is prepared by the City Clerk in consultation with the City Manager, includes current legislative and policy issues which must be reviewed by the Council. 

While items are usually placed on the agenda at the request of the Council or staff members, citizens who would like the Council to review a particular item should send a formal written request to the Mayor and City Council to:
The City of Warsaw
P.O. Box 68
Warsaw, Mo. 65355
The item will be reviewed to determine whether it should be handled administratively, referred to a board or commission, or added to an upcoming City Council agenda.

Agenda, staff reports, and other background material may be reviewed at City Hall commencing on the Monday before a Council meeting. Copies of the agenda are available at no charge. Agenda and minutes are also available on the city's website. 


The City Council is the legislative body responsible for the overall policies of the city. The Council makes all policy determinations through enactment of ordinances and resolutions at City Council meetings and has final authority in the implementation of these policies. The City Council also hears presentations and encourages expression of views and opinions by citizens on any matter of community interest that is within the Council's authority.