Lost Valley Fish Hatchery

The Hatchery and Visitors Center is located east of Highway 65, at the Truman Dam Access Road, on County Road 620, just northeast of Warsaw. View map.

The Hatchery Visitors Center Nature Shop specializes in souvenirs, apparel, and gifts that commemorate Missouri outdoors. Exhibits include everything from how to legally measure a fish to knot tying, and even fishing, for guests under 15 years old during visitor center hours.

The Lost Valley and Visitors Center opened in October of 2000. The hatchery now occupies 971 acres of land and will be producing nearly 15 million fish per year.

Lost Valley Fish Hatchery

The hatchery is the largest ever built in Missouri, and one of the ten largest warm water hatcheries in the nation. The 12,700 gallon aquarium in the Hatchery's Visitors Center is home to several species of Missouri's fish.

Missouri Fish

Check out Lost Valley Fish Hatchery website to learn more about new projects and species of fish being raised at the Hatchery and to see their complete calendar of events.